The Chiswick Key

Written by: Jeremy Reynolds – Read by Tim Rowe


Dear listener.

A curious, and at times, quite frankly, worrying document, featuring an hitherto unpublished diary from a Major William, ‘Bill’ Plumpton, (retired,) an Executive Operations Agent, concerning his friend, fellow traveler, fighter of crime, unraveller of puzzles and resolver of mysteries, Mr. Terence ‘Terry’ Crabtree, has recently come into my possession.

Listeners will no doubt be wary of yet another fraudulent and faked yarn concerning the exploits of a highly secretive English Detective and his companion. Even one that shows a bold singleminded dedication to truth, purity of alcholic vision, and the British way of life.

Nevertheless, I have decided to present to the listening public the contents of this… what can only be described as, curled with leathery-musty-age, and faded with the slow, but resolute shuffle of time, intriguing document.

We begin at, The Leonardo Room…….




Part One: Crabtree and Plumpton relax.


Part Two: Crabtree is barred entry.


Part Three: The Key explained.


Part Four: The train ride interrupted.


Part Five:  Dining Alfresco at The Swine Inn, Sussex.


Part Six: Arrival and exploration.


Part Seven: The Truth of the Palmist’s Tent.


Part Eight: The System of the Stars.


Part Nine: Recuperation at The Jolly Sailor Inn.


Part Ten: Crabtree Explains, Plumpton Listens.


Part Eleven: The Pier the Ghost Train and its Passenger.


Part Twelve: Major Plumpton takes a trip.


Part Thirteen: Crabtree and Plumpton Redux.


The moral rights of the author have been asserted.