Tim Rowe

Seek No Vain Conclusions


27 April 2022

To whom it may concern:

Tim Rowe has been teaching my seven-year-old daughter piano and ukulele for six months and I would happily recommend him as a teacher.

Tim’s approach is sensitive, well-rounded and diverse. He has taken great care to form a nice relationship with my daughter based on trust, mutual respect and care. This has been very important, since my daughter can be shy and timid if she feels insecure. As it is, she really looks forward to his lessons, is happy to practice between lessons and is not shy about playing for him.

Beyond Tim’s good-humoured, gentle and supportive manner, his lessons strike a lovely balance between being playfully pupil led and demanding enough to stretch his student’s talents. Without being overly formal or structured, Tim’s lessons are not about teaching my daughter to play a handful of set pieces but rather about sharing the musician’s toolkit of concepts and techniques that she can dip into whenever she makes or appreciates music. The fruits of this approach are apparent when my daughter improvises on the piano for her own entertainment. When she makes music for music’s sake, I hear the influence of Tim’s teaching as she plays with rearranging what she’s learned from him into her own melodies and musical explorations.

From the beginning, Tim has made it clear that he’d rather not just be my daughter’s ‘piano teacher’ or ‘ukulele teacher’, but her teacher of musicality. This universal approach to music-making works very well with my daughter and has really complemented the instrument lessons (flute) she gets at school.

I’m sure Tim’s unique approach to music and teaching would benefit people of all ages and abilities and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Best wishes, Bink Hallum

Tim Rowe has been working for two years with my younger brother, Ross who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome several years ago.

Ross has a great love of music yet his learning difficulties and poor concentration impede his ability to progress very far.

He has had a couple of music tutors in the past who used a more classical or “formal” approach to teaching Ross, but he found a lot of the elements too difficult to grasp.

Tim’s approach is very different. He has been able to identify Ross’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor the lessons to Ross’s needs and abilities.

In essence, this is achieved by using songs that Ross is already familiar with and loves, and arranging them in an easy way so that Ross can learn them on the piano.

Ross also loves to sing, and Tim and he sing along together while learning new pieces – which seems to facilitate Ross’s learning of the songs.

Ross also has a love of guitars & Rock music and at the end of a lesson, he and Tim “Rock out” and have fun playing familiar hits – again arranged specially by Tim, to accommodate Ross’s difficulties – which include a problem with forming certain chords due to a childhood hand injury.

Ross has commented on Tim’s patient, caring, and humourous approach to teaching, and I have no hesitation in recommending Tim as a teacher.

Carol Williams D.O.