Stories and Tales

From time to time, I narrate stories. The following two are written by my friend Jeremy Reynolds

They feature Plumpton and Crabtree - an English detective and his assistant who, using their own finely honed powers of deduction occasionally heightened by somewhat illicit substances and fairly liberal quantities of alcohol, seek to solve some of the most heinous of crimes which threaten the very liberty and safety of their Sceptred Isle.

Note: May contain occasional NSFW language.

Copyright © 2020 - Jeremy Reynolds


The Chiswick Key



Part 1 -  Crabtree & Plumpton Relax


Part 2 -  Crabtree is Barred Entry


Part 3 - The Key Explained


Part 4 - The Train Ride Interrupted


Part 5 - Dining Alfresco at The Swine Inn, Sussex


Part 6 - Arrival and Exploration


Part 7 - The Truth of The Palmist's Tent


Part 8 - The System of The Stars


Part 9 - Recuperation at The Jolly Sailor Inn


Part 10 - Crabtree Explains - Plumpton Listens


Part 11 - The Pier, The Ghost Train, and It's Passenger


Part 12 - Major Plumpton Takes A Trip


Part 13 - Plumpton and Crabtree Redux



The Johnson and Butterworth Question



Part 1 - Crabtree Opens The Batting - Plumpton Keeps Score


Part  2 - The Sussex Meteorite


Part 3 - The Sussex Meteorite (continued)


Part 4 - Major Plumpton and The Brahman of Bromley


Part 5 - The Astronomer of Bromley


Part 6 - The River and The Sussex Stones


Part 7 - Major Plumpton Heads South


Part 8 -  The Great Midsummer's Fair


Part 9 - Crabtree Organises The Great Plan


Part 10 - The Old Inn in The Forest


Part 11 - The Old Smuggler's Tunnel Under The Forest