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Dear reader and listener,

Please find within this humble blog, an original Detective story.

‘Crabtree and Plumpton Investigate.’

Written by Jeremy Reynolds and read by Tim Rowe.

We hope you find some time to have a listen to this ever on-going spoken word project, and enjoy spending some time in the erratic and puzzling world of a long ago vision of hot, summery England. Filled with mysterious foes, hard nosed and hard headed sleuths, with an almost unlimited supply of liquid refreshment, to aid and direct their endeavours.

This is the world of Mr. Terence, ‘Terry’ Crabtree and his colleague and diarist, Major William, ‘Bill’ Plumpton, (Retired)

Together they are plunged by scheming, invidious and fiendishly deadly foes, into a plot that may bring about the very end of the British people, decency and normality, and quiet afternoon sessions in rose decked and quietly murmuring Public Houses.

Thank you for popping by and listening.

Very kind wishes,

The Author and your Narrator.


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