Online Guided Meditation Sessions

I’m currently offering two meditative exploration sessions  per week, every Wednesday at 1pm BST and 7pm BST respectively.

These sessions are awareness-based, inviting participants to  explore the body senses, feelings, thinking, as well as perceptions of space and time -and to question all second-hand ideas and beliefs.

This gradual, gentle approach allows people’s conditioning to naturally and effortlessly dissolve or fall away all by itself; no need to change or “fix” yourself any more.

These meditations incorporate an eclectic blend of styles taken from amongst others:  Tibetan Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta, The Sedona Method / Release Technique.

They are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Participants will also practice and learn a simple method of letting go of stressful thoughts and feelings during they’re everyday lives.

Sessions last  for 30  minutes and start at 13.00 GMT / UTC and 19.00 GMT / UTC respectively.

The cost is £4

I use the ZOOM app and service.

“Just had a really lovely class with Tim. To say I needed that is an understatement. For all those who (like me) could take better care of YOU, this is a half hour of your time that will be well spent.” — L.R. Cellist

Having a live voice take me through a meditation at home is SO different. 
I concentrated better knowing that it was live, because it felt interactive and like someone was caring about me, and I wanted to give them my attention in return – in a good way.
Then when I opened my eye’s I was tucked up in my own room, all comfy and cosy, and didn’t have to get up and go anywhere. Bliss
It doesn’t get better that this!
Thank you Tim. You have a wonderful voice. — C.W. Osteopath.
Had another mind-changing meditation session with @voidspace (Tim) today. I recommend a follow if you have Wednesday lunchtimes free. — Graham.



email me at for  further details.