Tim Rowe

Seek No Vain Conclusions


It all starts with acceptance.

Once we can learn to unconditionally accept ourselves - both our "good" and "bad" aspects, we will be able to extend our self-acceptance to others.

Deep down, we are all the same. The same struggles manifest in different areas of our lives:

  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Finances
  • Health

And, more importantly, beyond all these struggles is our True Self.

When we unconditionally love and accept ourselves, we become peaceful and can extend that peace to others.

But it all starts with welcoming and accepting all parts of ourselves - even those parts we don't like. 

When we resist anything it persists, so welcoming and accepting the parts of ourselves we don't like, allows us to discover our True Nature - the eternal, peaceful, core of our being.

Accessing your True Self is easier than you might think.

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