Is matter a superficial appearance?

Does the matter that surrounds us have a standalone reality, irrespective of observation? Or is matter merely the thin, superficial appearance of a deeper, mysterious reality?

Is What We See What We Get?

Is what we see, what we get? Are the seemingly material objects around us what the world actually is? Or are our perceptions merely providing us with a coded representation of a deeper, mysterious reality?


Collaboration is the keyword for 2020 and onwards. This year, I collaborated with a talented guitarist who I met on the Mastodon Network

He managed the majority of the composition - but I added some pads, one drum track, and some spoken word - most of which was recorded in local woodland during the first UK Lockdown. There's also a track to which I added vocals in an atypical style.

Higher Purpose?

“The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accordance with nature, in her manner of operation.” [John Cage]


Photo by Alycia Fung from Pexels