If I had a Pound for every time someone had said to me, “Ooh, you have a lovely voice – why don’t you work for the BBC?” I’d be a rich man.

This is no idle boast – just a fact.

I didn’t end up working for the BBC. I did, however end up doing voiceovers for about seven years – mainly for a property sales company and a hypnotherapy recording company.

I also did some audio drama voice acting – which was fun.

You can find samplesĀ  and links to my various efforts below (apart from the property stuff, as the company turned out to be quite snakey – plus the fact that the scripts were so repetitious, that I ended up being a human voiceover robot).

I’m available to do voiceover work if I feel that you, your project, and myself are compatible (and of course, that you feel the same way).



Audio Dramas


Metaphysical Musings