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Not Enough

Do you ever experience a feeling of incompleteness? Maybe you could be doing, being or having more. We live in a world of not enough: Not enough time, not enough friends, not enough money, not enough fun, not enough…… The list goes on. But this feeling of not enough, of lack, pulls us out of… Read More »

The Double-Edged Sword of Labelling

Labels seem so useful. In many ways they help us steer our way through this weird and wonderful world. At least we can navigate when we have a map, but sometimes we forget that the map is not the territory. In my experience, labels are actually a double-edged sword. Imagine awareness as a large, blank… Read More »

What We Focus On Expands

Have you ever met someone who really “gets your goat”? Someone you’re perhaps obliged to hang out with but who has, for example, an annoying personality trait that you just can’t stand? If you’re human, I’m sure you have. 😉 Every time you encounter that person, whether what they have to say is actually valid… Read More »


How often do we hear the cry – or even find ourselves declaring, “I’m stuck!” How many of us often feel that we can’t move forward because we feel we are lumbered with a recurring belief, attitude, or problem that we want to get rid of? Several things occur when we discover this: We feel… Read More »


We often get so wrapped-up in our various roles in life, that we become stuck in them, identify with them, and begin to believe the we actually are the roles we are playing. An obvious example of this might be someone who retires, and after several years in the same job, is so identified with… Read More »