By | 19th March 2018

We often get so wrapped-up in our various roles in life, that we become stuck in them, identify with them, and begin to believe the we actually are the roles we are playing.

An obvious example of this might be someone who retires, and after several years in the same job, is so identified with that role that they unconsciously feel that the job was their whole life. This person now finds a gaping void in front of them, not know what to do to fill the hours in each day.

Last year, I experienced this myself after 6 years of being a voiceover artist, mainly contracted to one company.

Overnight, all of the contractors were laid off.

After having been so involved in the job and enjoying the benefits it brought – as well as feeling a somewhat childish sense of “specialness” when telling people what I did for a living, I began to question whether I actually was that role and, if I was, whether I actually even enjoyed the work I’d been doing!

Fortunately, the years I’d spent being involved in “self-help” and investigating a wide variety of methods of undoing these types of blocks, I was able to undo my attachment to the role I’d created for myself.

After having done this, other areas of possible work opened up – quite possibly as a result of freeing myself from this fixed identity, some of which I wouldn’t even have considered before.

Of course, who we really are at our core is beyond all these identities, but I’ll elaborate on that another time. 🙂

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