It’s All About Love

By | 18th February 2018

Love. It’s really all about love. Not discussions about love, but the experience that deep down, you are love itself. The phrase “deep down” is used only because of the veils of beliefs and concepts which apparently hide your essence.

If you can touch that centre, your essential being – even for one second, it is worth more than hours of debate, and discussions – how ever “on point” or interesting they may seem.

The question is, what do you value? Do you value inner peace (or love) above all things. Free will debate aside, it at least *appears* that you have the choice as to where you can put your attention. The problem is the habit of thinking and the 1,000,000 objects and ideas that pull you hypnotically away from your centre.

Value only one thing above all else. There is something – eternal and intangible that you have always been and always will be. All else is really just part of a game.

If you’re ready, you’ll choose love as often as you remember. Yes, it’s a new habit you could say, but one well worth fostering.

The question is, have you had enough of the folly called “the human experience”? Not to deny it though – in fact to accept and embrace all in love is the key.

Particularly love and accept the disowned fragments of your separated self (ego) and love those too – just the way they are. Then you will be whole.

Love is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega.

Choose right now which Master you will serve: love, or fear (separation).

2 thoughts on “It’s All About Love

  1. Alistair

    So under all of the thinking, beliefs, ideas about who we think we are, is a love that is inside our very core. So under all of the layers of stuff, is love.
    So if we stripped it all away then we would come face to face with our true selves. The true self who wants what is best for us.

    Does that mean then that self love is the most important thing of all?

    I guess that if we do not love ourselves then that not only effects ourselves but also has a ripple effect outwards because what we see on the inside, is our perception for the outside world. So if we are filled up with hate or fear then we would project that outwards and inwards.

    If we are connected with love then love would get projected inwards and outwards. It would also greatly not only support ourselves but the world around us.

    Thank you for your blog post

    1. tim Post author

      Hi Alistair. Thanks very much for your comment, which manages to express much of what I didn’t elaborate on in the post.

      I’m enjoying the content on your site, and will be in touch. 🙂


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