Life is a mystery until you begin to dig deeper. I’ve spent the last 30 years digging deeper.

Since my teens, pretty much the only thing that interested me – apart from music, was the fact that there had to be more than “just this”.

I was determined to discover what, if anything, lay behind what I saw to be some kind of dramatic production being played out before my eyes. At the time, I was certainly unaware that I was more than simply a player, acting out his role in the play.

Tim Rowe

Over time, after walking down several blind alleys as well as much searching and experimentation, I was fortunate to discover a set of deceptively simple yet powerful approaches which can help undo the mental and emotional blocks we’ve unconsciously set up, which prevent us from experiencing inner peace.

Does this mean that our problems will disappear overnight? No (although some may radically improve very quickly), but it does mean that our perception of everything can change.

As we release our resistance to “what is”, we find that we are much more in touch with the way of things, the “flow”.

As well as singing and making music, I now help people release the blocks to their true nature.